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My Story

Bubsy Millions was Born in the 80's in the South Bronx New York City. Getting his influence from his mother and sisters listening to artists such as Big Daddy Kane Salt n Pepa, Boogie Down Prod, Gangstarr, etc. At the age of 9 bubs worked with K-swiss also known as Swizz Beatz and began his love for writing and performing music. 


Growing up in a single parent household getting kicked out of 3 schools in one year Bubs felt music was his outlet. Now living with his Grandmother Dolores in Manhattan also known as Harlem bubs was Introverted except when writing music until one day while Dj SnS, Dave-o and Poonie I.U Hooked up the dj set to the lightpoles by St. Nicholas Terrace Park 

bubs joined the older guys in a Cypher changing his life forever. From that moment on Bubs short for Bubba knew music was his calling to make a better life for him and his family. 


Determined bubs began looking for outlets to display his music.. He volunteered to be on Video Music Box Crazy Sam skits acting.. Popped out on the movie sets of Juice and Sugar hill where he got to see 2pac and eat lunch with Wesley Snipes in his neighborhood. Bubs made Cameos in Arkinele Da Bomb, Wrecks n Effect wreck shop and Mc Lyte Ruff Necks videos trying to be on any scene a young teen can be on.. Bubs Mom eventually got scared of the way Bubs was skipping school and getting involved with gangs so she sent him to live with his grandmother again but this time in Bishopville South Carolina. 


Relocating saved bubs life and helped improve his music skills. Bubs grandmother bought him a Karaoke machine and he would stay in his room for hours making Demos and Forming a group called Junior O.B.S (only the best survive) they would perform at school talent shows and eventually bubs got picked up by a Manager recorded a few tracks but lost contact once bubs relocated to Gaston North Carolina.


Learning the Mathematics by 5percenters Bubs got knowledge of self and started getting into music concepts and songs.. Learning from Notorious B.I.G and 2pac intense battle that having a message in your songs resonate with people better than no message... Bubs changed his name to Bubsy Millions which stands for- be you bull shit why? M i loving life infinite omnipotent never stopping.  In highschool Bubs would Rap every morning in front of the school and at lunch time for a crowd, people began to know him as Emcee and great writer. Bubs english teacher allowed him to write for the school newspaper then he started performing at the School dances. One day he ran into Milton Terry a singer who is now Bubs manager who took him to Raleigh nc to record a feature and After graduating high school bubs relocated again to Raleigh NC to college at St. Augustine's college. 

There Bubs would perfect his craft studying communications, political science, theater and drama, public relations feminist themes and business administration learning new words and cadences. During college Bubs would travel and battle rappers from different schools perform at different talent shows until he landed on spot on TV with Larry Pickett on NBC news. Winning the battle on TV gave bubs the opportunity to be on the double CD one hot minute hosted by Hazardous Records and NBC

With his partner in rhyme Tango they formed the group Lock N Load and toured all HBCU schools on the coast for promo. Their single Ay Papi and Yall don't know were the lead singles off the One hot minute album. 


Working with super producer and engineer

Ski-beats in Winston salem taught bubs about the business and making sure you own your music and maintain independence. Following the steps of Jay-z and Master P bubs along with friends formed Cut the check records. Opening for Artists such as Petey Pablo, Fabolous, the Lox, Winning countless awards,  featuring on numerous mixtapes with 92wayz helped bubs street cred and reputation as one of the top emcees in Raleigh so he set forth on a solo career in music.


Dropping solo mixtapes such as laugh now cry later, The Homecoming an ode to his college, In a class by myself, Oh God you play too much,The Kansas City shuffle, NASCAR and his latest mixtape I do this in my sleep showed his development and determination to be one of the greatest Artist of all time. Dubbed the James Brown of Hip Hop by his peers, in 2020 during the epidemic bubs dropped 12 videos and singles to show he really is the hardest working artist. 


Bubs newest mixtape The Millionaires Interview (Renaissance) hosted by his hometown mentor Dj SnS will be coming soon and it features his new single Negus. Negus which means King or emperor in Ethiopian literature is bubs way of taking the negative word Nigger and make it positive and powerful. Emphasizing self worth and manifestation Bubsy Millions dropped cut the check records and formed Millionaires Music and the Millionaires street team creating a legacy and lifestyle of health and wealth. 

In Negus bubs says "you put your people on i put my peoples on we getting mills." Demonstrating his love for his people and community. Millionaires music is music for Millionaires.. To understand Bubsy Millions you have to want to do better for yourself friends and family. Songs like Depression, believe, when a man dies, whine for me and baby please don't stop shows his range in music.

Bubs style is like no other people compare him to Kool G Rap, 2pac Jay-z and the Notorious B.I.G you know the greats but always mention just like his mixtape title Bubsy Millions is in a class by his self.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.