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Living Life
one love
I Do This in My Sleep
Baby Please Don't Stop
Warfare 4 Mixtape
Bubsy Mixtape
Millionaires Music
TAKE THIS JOURNEY WITH ME...........................
Bubsy Millions


True Grind..................

Bubsy Millions, the hottest “Negu” ( Negus ) on the block as he describes himself. Best known for his ambition and dedication to not only his music, but to his people. Straight outta North Carolina, and musically traveling through your speakers ever since 2010, Bubsy has made it his business to make a positive influence out of nothing. Inspired by Swizz Beats, from Depression to Believe, Bubsy gave you permission to see how his life took a change; in comparison with others and today’s life, things you could actually relate to. Now, Bubsy’s giving “Negus” a stepping stone into becoming a better person than they were the day before.

Millinaires Music


Bubsy Millions was Born in the 80's in the South Bronx New York City. Getting his influence from his mother and sisters listening to artists such as Big Daddy Kane Salt n Pepa, Boogie Down Prod, Gangstarr, etc. At the age of 9 bubs worked with K-swiss also known as Swizz Beatz and began his love for writing and performing music. Growing up in a single parent household getting kicked out of 3 schools in one year Bubs felt music was his outlet. Now living with his Grandmother Dolores in Manhattan also known as Harlem bubs was Introverted except when writing music until one day while Dj SnS, Dave-o and Poonie I.U Hooked up the dj set to the lightpoles by St. Nicholas Terrace Park 
bubs joined the older guys in a Cypher changing his life forever. From that moment on Bubs short for Bubba knew music was his calling to make a better life for him and his family. 

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